The Internet is home to tons of articles on how to manage your finances. We’ve made the work of finding the good ones a little easier for you by putting together a list of some of our favorites.

“It’s Your Own Fault You’re Poor: Why Your Brain Won’t Let You Save Money”

This article from GoBankingRates dives into how our subconscious behaviors sabotage our saving goals. Savings are often associated with the “pain” trigger, so you should try to get creative and find ways to feel rewarded for saving.

“Birthday Freebies: How to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday”

Did you know many franchises give you free stuff on your birthday? This GoBankingRates article lists some of the places you can go, but don’t forget to check out your local stores!

“40 Organization Hacks that Help You Become Clutter-Free”

Did you know clutter can cause you to lose money? Between buying duplicate items to renting unneeded storage space, it can be a big bank account drain. Lifehack offers tips to help get organized.

“5 Pre-Retirement Mistakes Even the Smartest People Make”

This article from Time exposes common missteps when it comes to retirement planning.

“Distorted Memory Can Trick You Into Overspending”

This article from talks about a study done on overspending. Participants tended to conveniently forget how much they spent the last time they indulged themselves – and this habit can lead to chronic overspending.

“20 Smart Things to Do with $20”

The Simple Dollar put together this article on smart things to do with $20. The ideas range from ways to help you save in the long run to doing something that will enrich your life.

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